Baxter Road

Possibly best known as the road leading to the iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse, Baxter Road is lined with many historic cottages and homes. It is an indelible part of the island’s identity, yet it is currently deeply at risk. The threat posed by erosion here is urgent: at its closest point, the top of the bluff is only 29 feet from the public road.

The threats to Baxter Road impact not only local Sconset residents, but the community at large:

  • Threatens town infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines, which would be costly to replace
  • Impacts emergency access to local homes, prompting town officials to consider rerouting the road if erosion could not be addressed at considerable cost, in terms of both private landtaking and construction
  • Reduces public access down to the beach and along the Bluff Walk
  • Threatens environmentally sensitive habitats along the top of the Bluff
Bikers on Baxter Road