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Bluff stabilization could be done in two parts: Part One: the emergency stabilization of the most vulnerable portions of the bluff where Baxter Road and certain homes are imminently threatened to be completed before late fall 2013. This could be funded and constructed by SBPF with private contributions. Given the high erosion rates of the coastal bank, it is critical that the revetment is installed by late fall of 2013. Meeting this schedule will require authorizing the revetment as an “Emergency Project” under the WPA or obtaining Conservation Commission approval for the project.  

Subsequent to this approval, 4-6 weeks would be required to select a contractor; followed by 8-10 weeks for construction of a 551-linear foot revetment, or 4 months for a 1,500-linear foot revetment. Provided regulatory approval is secured in  July, the contractor could be selected and construction could occur from mid-August or September through early December, depending on weather.

Part Two would consist of building the balance of the project, protecting the entire bluff from the end of Baxter Road at the Sankaty Lighthouse property to the point at which erosion has begun (approximately 53 Baxter Road). The significant erosion occurring along Baxter Road from 2012-2013 underscores the point that this entire section is vulnerable to erosion and should be protected as soon as possible.

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Board of Selectmen Declaration
Historic House Chart
Impact of Bluff Erosion on Baxter Road Real Property Taxable Base
Public-Private Partnership Proposal
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Nantucket and SBPF
Bluff Protection Options 2013

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