Historic Homes

Many of the historic homes along Baxter Road are not just individual homes but part of the historic fabric of this section of Nantucket. Erosion of the Bluff does indeed impact private homes, as many of the homes along the eastern side of the Bluff are within 30 feet of the edge. But this is not just about individual homeowners – though it is certainly important to have an opportunity to protect homes that have been in families for generations.

  • Erosion has already caused the loss of $63 million in assessed value (approximately $250,000 in annual tax revenue), multiple streets in Codfish Park and several homes on Baxter Road.
  • If the properties along the eastern side of Baxter Road were lost to erosion, the town would lose an additional $473,000 in annual tax revenue

Erosion in ‘Sconset is about more than the public way or private homes, it is about our community and its future.
‘Sconset is defined by its historic architecture and pastoral shoreline. View Michael May’s Nantucket Preservation Trust presentation below.

Nantucket Preservation Trust Presentation
 by Michael May featuring the historic homes of Siaconset.

Siasconset Bluff in 1937
old house 1