The Opportunity

For years, the SBPF has been focused on developing solutions that allow Nantucket to limit the impact of erosion, maintain access to the Beach and Bluff and protect the historic ‘Sconset community along Baxter Road.  In 2014, we won approval to install a three layer geotube system (increased to include a fourth layer in 2016) and associated sand delivery plan.  This approach resulted in the best number of all:


Zero new erosion since the geotube and sand delivery project was installed in 2014.

Zero harm to adjacent beaches.

Zero cost to taxpayers.

We are confident that this approach will preserve ‘Sconset for future generations, with no impact other areas of Nantucket. Today and in the future, the SBPF will continue to be a voice in favor of Nantucket’s biggest science experiment:  a thoughtful, environmentally sensitive and professionally designed approach to limiting future erosion.

Siasconset Bluff in 2006