Just the Facts

Since the early 1990s, SBPF has worked to research and install, on an experimental basis, a series of measures that might control the erosion of the ‘Sconset Beach. The goal has been to find an effective, environmentally benign and economically feasible approach. Virtually all funding has been provided from private, non-governmental sources and our recommendations are based on careful consultation with a number of experts in the field.

We believe it is important to provide the community with up to date information about our efforts. The FAQ and other materials on this site are intended as resources for the community.


Each year, ‘Sconset Beach and Bluff is at risk for further erosion – in some recent difficult storm years, up to 30 feet have been lost from the Bluff.

  • 8 homes near Baxter Road have been moved or demolished and 12 more have been moved back to the roadway
  • Erosion has already caused the loss of $63 million in assessed value (approximately $250,000 in annual tax revenue)