Next Steps

In 2018, SBPF will be working to extend the length of the geotubes from Sankaty Lighthouse to mid-Baxter Road in order to protect the historic ’Sconset neighborhood from erosion, and to establish a protection system that can be further expanded over time as needed.

Among the other steps we hope to take:

    • Prepare for the expansion of the protection system: The initial request only covered the most at risk section of beach (as it pertained to Baxter Road). We will continue to pursue approval for an expanded (3400 foot) geotube system extending from the Lighthouse to 63 Baxter Road.
    • Identify a long term approach to funding: The private landowners of the ‘Sconscet community have largely funded the current conservation efforts on a voluntary basis. We are exploring ways to continue funding that will provide ongoing regularized funding from impacted property owners while treating all fairly.
Sand covered tubes
Geotubes lie beneath the sand template at the base of the Bluff.


Sankaty at twilight
Stopping erosion along ‘Sconset Bluff is imperative to maintaining access to Sankaty Head Lighthouse.